Sports Injuries & Enhancement

Sports Enhancement Therapy

Body Alignment

If your body is out of alignment, it can not work to its full potential.

Mal-alignment and asymmetry could be the result of any trauma, or stem directly from your sporting activity.

Whatever the cause of the problem, the physiotherapists within the clinic can assess and treat you to correct bio-mechanics and thus improve your performance.

Each sport has it’s own demands on the body, and, even though we treat any sports injury,

We specialise in the following sports:


Pro Golfers & Recreational Golfers can benefit from full body alignment, this in return improves game play and posture with full spinal alignment therapy.

Your handicap is your body position!! Our specialised Force Plate Bio Mechanical Analysis will identify body malposition which can be altered & reanalysed.


At Thomson Therapy we treat many road racing cyclists, mountain bikers and tri-athletes.

Cyclists often complain of longstanding back, neck and shoulder pain, which can be successfully treated using our techniques.

Horse Riding (Equestrian)

Riders require their body position to control their horse. Postural and spinal alignment problems may result in incorrect behaviour of the horse. We can help improve your body alignment this in turn will allow the rider better control of the horse.


Running, swimming and of course cycling all require your body to be working at its optimum. Incorrect posture and spinal alignment will reduce an athletes performance. We can help improve your performance with our full body alignment treatments.


Canoeing requires balance so as not to capsize your canoe. We can help with full body alignment allowing your body to work to its optimal performance this in turn will improve your stability, balance, trunk flexibility and control of your canoe.


The correct stance is essential when playing cricket professionally. Full body alignment will improve your ability to perform.


Recurring injuries i.e. Hamstring, Groin (i.e. Gilmours groin), Low Back Pain, Achillies Pain / Ruptures.


As Football - Gilmours Groin, Headaches, Neck & Shoulder Pain.


We can help with hockey injuries.

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